The Folk Keeper

Billingsley, Franny, read by Marian Tomas Griffin. The Folk Keeper. Books On Tape. 2000.

ISBN: 030758254X

Billingsley’s novel, written in the form of journal entries by the main character, Corinna, tells the story of an unusual girl whose job is to keep the fairies happy enough to refrain from making mischief. In other words, she is a “folk keeper.” A life doing this job may sounds strange enough, but things grow even stranger when a new employer reveals a connection to her parents, who abandoned her as an infant and whom she has never heard from since.

Marian Tomas Griffin’s light Irish accent lends character to the narration of the novel, without being strong enough to make her words difficult to understand. She speaks slowly and clearly enough to be understood easily, but not so much as to become tiresome. She differentiates between characters by raising or dropping her voice, which works well enough, especially since the story is told through Corinna’s journal entries. This keeps with the form of the book while also allowing the reader/listener to understand who is speaking.

Billingsley and Griffin both build suspense well, and their work together creates a diverting audiobook.


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