educating alice

Edinger, Monica. educating alice.

Monica Edinger, “teacher and reader of children’s literature,” fills the virtual pages of her blog, educating alice, with a variety of articles relating to her life and career as a teacher.

The “teaching” section includes reactions from fourth grade students to books Edinger read aloud in class, description of educational units, and projects completed by her students. This section demonstrates the high level of engagement of Edinger’s students in her classes. This section would be of great help to an elementary school teacher, school librarian, or children’s librarian, due to the examples of projects that one could adapt to one’s own situation and the reactions of students to lessons and books.

Edinger has a “review” section that includes links to reviews she has written for other publications, including The New York TimesHorn Book Magazine, and James Patterson’s ReadKiddoRead. There is also an “articles” section that lists article credits, many with links. Edinger has also written four books; the bibliographic information is listed in the “books” section. There is a “talks” section with a list of locations and titles of talks Edinger has given. Some of these talks have links to the full text. There are also radio spots and a link to her Huffington Post page.

Perhaps the most rewarding section of Edinger’s page for the children’s librarian is the blog itself. Updated regularly, it includes posts about books, book award news, significant topics in the world of children’s literature, and much more. Specific posts include “Yuyi Morales on Winning the 2014 Pura Belpre Award,” a video interview with the author herself, “Housing Works’ New Book Group for Middle Grade Kids,” about a literacy program in New York, and “26 Characters at Oxford’s Story Museum,” an exhibit/event on children’s literature characters.

The breadth of topics Edinger covers in educating alice alone makes it a worthwhile resource for children’s librarians. It is also valuable for the links Edinger scatters throughout her posts to articles, information, and social media contacts.


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